Mr. Massie-Blomfield
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Cavina aims to develop many qualities in the children who come through her gates – academic excellence, an inquiring mind, a sense of moral and social responsibility, and most of all a recognition of their relationship with their Creator who has revealed Himself through His son Jesus. Cavina is a Christian School – Christian Truth providing the foundation upon which the school stands and becoming an integral part of each child’s daily experience. Consequently, the pupils hear of the Good News of Christ’s redeeming love for mankind – a love that cuts across all barriers of race and religion – so that an awareness of that love forms the vital bond which unites such a mixed community. All students take an active part in morning assemblies and scripture lessons that are centred on the Bible, the inspired word of God.

As each child is on a journey of self-discovery, a spirit of free enquiry is actively fostered. The pupils will be challenged to seek after truth in all areas of school life and to recognise what is of value in their academic, social and spiritual development. Only by searching for truth will a child discover his or her own identity and come to know the deeper meaning of life. Over the years it has been a very real pleasure to watch our pupils become aware of their own intrinsic value as they find their identity in Christ, and grow in confidence and stature as a result. Coming from many different nationalities and cultures, many have discovered that God makes no distinction between race, colour and creed, fully accepting all who come to Him.

Quote for the Term

“A religious upbringing is the basis of education.”
Leo Tolstoy

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