Scholarships 2015:
Standing L to R: Rohan Gautama (Hillcrest Secondary), Imani Ager (Peponi Secondary & Hillcrest Secondary), Nduku Mutuku (Brookhouse), Eugene Munyeki (Brookhouse & St. Andrew's Turi), Ryan Mbai (Brookhouse).
Seated L to R: Awuor Onguru (ISK &
St. Andrew's Turi), Nyakio Wainaina (Peponi Secondary), Chelimo Koitaba (St. Andrew's Turi), Beatrice Shako (Peponi Secondary), Merna Estreed (Brookhouse).
















Scholarships 2014 - Diane Okong'o (St. Andrew's Turi), Katrina Kopiyo (St. Andrew's Turi), Nabil Shamji (Brookhouse & Peponi Secondary), Michael Mcharo (St. Andrew's Turi), Francis Nyangoma (Brookhouse)
Scholarships 2013 - Gloria Tergat (St. Andrew's Turi), Abhishekh Chidambaran (Peponi Secondary), Tasneem Pirbhai (Brookhouse), Sahil Sodha (Peponi Secondary)
Scholarships 2012 - Tunde Muriuki (St. Andrew's Turi), Joy Lelei (St. Andrew's Turi), Jay Acharya (Peponi Secondary), Shivani Desai (Peponi Secondary)
Scholarships 2011 - Monica Kemoli (St. Andrew's Turi Snr.),Ethan Oguya (St. Andrew's Turi Snr.), David Moniz (St. Andrew's Turi Snr.)
Scholarships 2010 - Crystal Moniz (Hillcrest Secondary), Seda Otieno(Peponi Secondary).
Scholarships 2009 - Aaman Sennik (Hillcrest Secondary), Austin Kitololo (St. Andrew's Turi, Secondary), Sahil Radia (Peponi Secondary), Sonia Cege (Hillcrest Secondary), Naomi Okiddy (Hillcrest Secondary)



Scholarships 2008 - Mariam Makram (Peponi Secondary), Joshua Aduol(St. Andrew's Snr.), Sahil Nanda(Peponi Secondary).


Scholarships 2007 - Abah Otieno (Brookhouse Secondary), Riya Radia (Hillcrest and Peponi Secondary), Patrick Moniz (St. Andrew's Snr.), Ilwaad Aman (Hillcrest Secondary), Jaipal Devgun (Peponi Secondary). Missing from photo: Sanjay Shah (Hillcrest Secondary), Jideofo Okonkwo (Peponi Secondary).


Scholarships 2006 - Kush Shah (Hillcrest Secondary), Philip Maina(St. Andrew's Turi, Secondary), Bella Okiddy (Benenden and Hillcrest Secondary)

Scholarships 2005 - David Dadzie (Hillcrest Secondary), Krupa Patel (Hillcrest Secondary), Michael Maina (St. Andrew's Turi), Sonam Vohra (Hillcrest Secondary)



Scholarships 2004 - Bianca Patel (Hillcrest Secondary), Hemal Pandit (Hillcrest Secondary), Taulun Aman (Hillcrest Secondary) and Michela Madan (Peponi Secondary)


Scholarships 2003 - Sonal Patel (Hillcrest Secondary), Daniel Omondi (St Andrew's Turi) and Kiran Dergun (Hillcrest Secondary)


Scholarships 2002 - Rishi Dadia(St. Paul's School)- Rishi received an academic scholarship, Natasha Patel (Leed's Girls High School)- Natasha also received an academic scholarship, Roxanne Paes (Benenden). Roxanne received the Clarke Scholarship, the major academic scholarship offered by Benenden School


Scholarships 2001 - Ainan Aman (Hillcrest Secondary), Samuel Omondi (St. Andrew's Turi), Wayne Paes(Charterhouse School, UK)

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