Some of our young musicians both from the orchestra in the main school and preprep unit participating in one of our yearly functions. The number of young enthusiastic musicians playing several instruments like the piano, flute, recorder, saxophone, violin among many others has grown steadily over the years.


The school is divided into FOUR main sections: The Pre-prep Unit, the Junior School, the Middle School and the Senior School. The Common Entrance requires students to sit EIGHT major subjects in the final exams. These are; Mathematics, English, French, Science, British History, Geography, Scripture and Latin. Cavina also provides comprehensive instruction in Computer Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education and the Performing Arts throughout the school.

The word discipline – from the Latin DISCIPLINUM – means training and Cavina endeavours to do just this. The ‘modern’ approach to discipline is to apply reason to bad behavior since apparently we live in the great age of reason or enlightenment. Anti-social behavior, laziness and insubordination are now described as unreasonable since all reasonable boys and girls ‘naturally’ want to work hard, obey those in authority over them and regard the well-being of others as no less important than their own. This, of course, is a highly idealistic view of human nature and is a direct result of rejecting Biblical truth in favour of humanism. The former stresses man’s fallen state, the latter credits him with a natural tendency towards goodness and selflessness. The consequence of this is that many schools are unleashing upon society a generation of young people who are unable to discipline themselves because they have never been trained correctly at school.

Because we have a Biblical foundation at Cavina, we believe character is strengthened through discipline, not reason. Cavina children are happy, pleasant, self-motivated and well behaved because they develop within an ordered, disciplined and loving environment.

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