Cavina Pre-Prep unit is set on its own compound and designed to provide a conducive learning environment for children aged between two and six years. There are four year groups in total. The school follows the British national curriculum for Early Years and Key Stage One, with some Montessori methods and activities integrated into its delivery.  Our aim is to ensure that children are well prepared for a prep school education. Being a Christian school, we aim to instil Biblical Christian concepts in our children to encourage them on their paths of spiritual development. In this way, we will build good character and conduct.

Headmistress Welcome

The Pre-Prep unit is the first step on the Cavina journey for most of our pupils. We provide a warm and cosy environment in which your children will start to develop their independence and confidence while feeling happy and secure.

Just as in the prep school, we aim to offer a Christian foundation in which we foster Cavina’s values of enthusiasm, duty, and fair play. Learning is rigorous but exciting, age-appropriate, and unobtrusive, with our younger children mostly learning through play. There is also plenty of adventure, whether through excursions, outdoor games, and project topics, all of which help to encourage a love for learning.

One thing that a child in the pre-prep unit is not short of is opportunity. Whether taking part in end-of-term plays or singing in morning assemblies, whether swimming, playing outdoor games or programming robots, our pupils are always busy, but always fulfilled and always smiling.


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