Cavina aspires to help our pupils become confident and articulate individuals, and as such, drama and performance plays an important role in our school life. At the many performances staged throughout the year, we encourage all of our pupils to get involved, whether as a performer or back stage, helping out with costumes, sets or front of house.

Every year, we put on a full school production – most recently Some Treasure Island – and we also put on smaller, termly performances, which include abridged versions of Shakespeare’s plays, historical tragedies and much more, encouraging even the most reticent of children to have a go. Beyond the school productions, children also have the opportunity to prepare for LAMDA exams.

Poetry is also an important part of life at Cavina, with children of all ages encouraged to learn verse. We hold an annual house poetry competition, and also select pupils to compete at poetry competitions outside of school.

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