A Message From The Director

    All schools, not unreasonably, regard themselves as unique. Over time, each develops its own distinctive quirks and traditions. Yet even allowing for this, I would argue that Cavina is more unusual than most.

    For starters, it is one of the few family-owned prep schools still in existence. When Cavina was founded in 1950, this was still standard practice in both Britain and Kenya. No longer. Yet I believe that Cavina’s 73-year association with the Massie-Blomfield family has been of benefit to the school, not just in terms of stability but in helping to perpetuate and clarify the vision and values that have existed since its foundation. My wife Catrina and I are delighted and privileged to be the third generation of the family to take charge of the school’s direction.

    Secondly, Cavina stands out because of its Christian foundation and values, which underpin everything we do. While we welcome families of all faiths and backgrounds, the school is proud of its identity as a Christian school. Every weekday morning begins with pupils coming together in a collective act of worship that helps to set the tone for the rest of the day. 

    Thirdly, Cavina remains faithful to its commitment to provide a prep school education at an affordable price. We are proud of our academic reputation, shown both in the scholarships our pupils frequently win to top schools in Kenya and elsewhere and in our record in the Common Entrance examinations. We are also proud of the opportunities that we offer our children to find areas in which they can excel beyond the classroom, whether on the games field, in music, on the stage or in the large array of other activities that we offer. Above all, we are proud that we can offer all this on reasonable terms.

    A final factor that makes Cavina unusual is our belief that the pursuit of individual success alone is not the secret to fulfilment. To draw the best out of our pupils, we teach them not just how to excel but how to serve. Through the emphasis of our core values of enthusiasm, duty and fair play, Cavina pupils learn that it is in giving that we receive and that genuine happiness comes from what we do for others than what we do for ourselves.

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