Adventure fires the spirit, and Cavina embraces the pursuit of challenging expeditions that teach resilience and resourcefulness. We want our pupils to graduate onto senior schools with the courage and a passion for life that is found not in the classroom but in the great outdoors. We believe in giving our pupils a sense of adventure and public service to contribute to the world.

From an early age, we introduce pupils to a world that is often very different to the one they know, whether it’s camping out in the wild, camel trekking, or making an ascent on Mount Kenya.

The learning continues at school through extracurricular clubs, with children exposed to a wide range of different disciplines, such as chess, coding or karate. Many of our clubs are teacher-led, allowing the teacher to introduce children to their passions.

As pupils proceed up the school, not only do our trips become longer and more challenging, but they are also challenged intellectually, through regular debates or the opportunity to engage with visiting speakers from a wide range of occupations in our regular sixth-form talks.

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