Cavina’s principal values, which it wishes to instil in all its pupils, are enthusiasm, duty and fair play. These can be summarised as follows:


The word literally means “to be inspired by God”. As a Christian school, Cavina’s philosophy is rooted in the Christian faith. We expect our pupils to seek inspiration in all they do, performing each task, whether palatable or not, to the best of their ability. We hope that Cavina pupils will work and play hard and approach all aspects of school life with relish and an understanding that everything they do serves a higher and more noble purpose than the mere pursuit of worldly ambition.


In recognising this higher calling, Cavina pupils will aspire to serve. In essence, service means the abasement of self and the pursuit of humility for the greater good of others. Cavina pupils are expected to place the needs of their fellows above their own and to realise that selfish actions cause harm to others. Duty also requires that pupils learn to be responsible for themselves and to ensure that all tasks are diligently completed. Cavina pupils will recognise both their privilege and the injustices of a fallen world that condemns many to poverty through no fault of their own. They will develop a social conscience and look for ways to help those less fortunate, both when they are at Cavina and for the rest of their lives.


It therefore follows that kindness, thoughtfulness and integrity will be a Cavina pupil’s bywords. Cavina pupils will aim always to be honest, never cutting corners for the sake of ambition, short-term gain or to cover up for inadequate preparation. They will learn to be upright, understanding the difference between right and wrong. They will be courteous to peers, adults and strangers alike. They will always be considerate and never seek to cause distress. They will be solicitous, looking for ways in which they can help others. Finally, they will be kind, recognising that it is through selflessness that we find fulfilment.

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