Mr. Massie-Blomfield
Managing Director


Headmaster’s Address, Speech Day, 5th July AD 2019

Last night at the leavers’ dinner, I drew attention to the fact that some of them had been together for eleven years- a fact made plain by a series of photographs shown on two screens after our meal. I expressed the hope that many of them would remain in touch and be an encouragement to each other as they entered their different secondary schools. Having received my early education in England during the Second World War, and studied in different schools on arriving in Kenya 73 years ago, I had not really forged lasting friendships with any of my school mates. I should like to encourage our Upper Six pupils further this morning by reminding them of the one Friend who will never fail them-even though we so often fail Him.

When my father took his family to what was then Kenya Colony just after the war, we took all our worldly possessions with us in large packing cases and trunks. Some were marked “cabin trunks” others “not wanted on voyage”. The latter were placed in the ship’s hold at Southampton; and were not seen again until we docked in Mombasa, because they were “not wanted on voyage”. Would it not have been strange if the passengers on that ship (The SS Alcantara) had told the captain that he was not wanted on the voyage to Mombasa, and placed him in the hold?

The possibility of arriving in Mombasa in one piece would have been somewhat remote. Yet many of us have reinvented Christianity, so that we claim to rejoice in our Salvation while rejecting discipleship. At one time there was a poster hanging in our Assembly Hall with words I have never forgotten: “Only those who stand with Christ in the loneliness of His passion can expect to share in the joy of His Resurrection”. Upper VI, you have always returned to Cavina at the end of the school holidays, but not this time. You are starting off on a one-way ticket. What are you going to keep close to you in your cabin? What are you going to discard as not wanted on your voyage? Many make unwise choices. I pray you won’t. Remember the hymn we sometimes sing in morning assembly:

“Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us

O’er the world’s tempestuous sea.

Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us,

For we have no help but Thee.

Yet possessing every blessing,

If our God, our Father be”.

You should know by now that we cannot have God as our Father, if we reject His Son. He is definitely “wanted on voyage”.

Soon Mrs Mugambi will be giving away the trophies. They look impressive, don’t they? But they are part of this passing world.

The greatest Prize, the Lord Jesus who endures for all eternity, neither she nor I can give you. He gives Himself freely to all who seek Him. We all need Him on our earthly voyage. My final advice to you is, “Seek Him while He may be found”.



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