Drama has a rich tradition at Cavina and with the mentorship of Mr and Mrs Massie-Blomfield, both former West End actors, the bar has been set high for our current pupils. 

    We believe that drama plays an important role in children’s development, both as an intrinsic discipline and as a co-curricular backup to what is learnt in other academic subjects.  Drama not only develops the imagination, but also instils confidence, self-awareness and team work. It also feeds into other academic subjects, not least history and English, and the use of role play and drama can be hugely beneficial to both the retention and understanding of academic material.

    All pupils at Cavina have one drama lesson a week in which they learn different aspects of the field including dramatic techniques, stagecraft, and, in some cases, theatre studies. In addition, there are a number of class performances during the school year as well as an annual full-school production in the Lent term, where pupils can get involved in different aspects of putting on a play, whether their preference is for backstage or performing in front of an audience. 

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