Music plays an integral part in Cavina’s school life right from the beginning of the day, when the choir and orchestra join in active worship during our daily morning assemblies.

More than 90% of the school’s population learn at least one musical instrument, with lessons given by a team of visiting teachers. Pupils aim to get to get their Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Grade Five qualification by the time they leave the school, though some go even higher.

We have a vibrant orchestra, several music ensembles and a junior and senior choir, all of which rehearse regularly for events such as music concerts, festivals and competitions, both in Nairobi and further afield. Our annual carol service is a particular highlight of the year. The strength of our music tradition is shown in our track record in the annual Young Musician of the Year awards, with Cavina ensembles winning the top prize on a number of occasions.

In the classroom, pupils learn the rudiments and theory of music, explore world music by listening, creating, and performing.

The enjoyment of learning and making music is of utmost importance as it increases the pupils’ confidence, creativity, and sense of accomplishment.

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