The English department at Cavina aims to foster the maturity of thought and command of language that is the inevitable result of extensive reading and writing.  

In the junior section of the school we endeavour to develop basic literacy skills. This is done through the use of class readers as well as aptly chosen texts for comprehension exercises. Word study, spelling and grammar form a huge focal point of English study at this stage. 

As pupils progress up the school, they are introduced to as wide a variety of English texts as time can allow, in order to foster in them an appreciation not only of the themes covered by the said texts, but also of the differences in style inherent in different genres. Pupils study prose, poetry, plays and non-fiction texts from a range of cultures and historical epochs. 

We also strive to develop the ability to write in original and imaginative ways by requiring them to compose essays in a variety of writing styles – both fiction and non-fiction. Pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills in public speaking through debates held in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. 

Our aim in all this is to ensure that, at the end of their studies, our pupils leave Cavina as confident individuals capable of holding their own in conversation, and able to express themselves cogently and eloquently in writing. 

Wilbay Njoroge,

Head of English

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