Our aim is to promote learning by providing a wide range of reading materials, both in subject matter and ability, to our pupils. The library is used extensively by our children, either for individual reading and borrowing, or for small class groups, either as part of the library lesson or in collaboration with other subjects.

Our librarian is always on hand to assist pupils to access the resources and materials available for both junior and senior readers, as well as help them choose appropriate reading matter for pleasure. Our books our colour-coded by reading level or subject matter, ensuring that we offer the children not only a safe space for reading but age-appropriate reading matter.

The library works closely with the English department to encourage our pupils to enjoy a variety of both classic literature and modern books, and to read as wide a range of authors as their curiosity allows.

Every class has a library lesson once a week and our doors are open during break times to allow children to explore the collection of books, or take a quiet moment away from the playground.

Thanks to our outgoing Upper VI class, the library has recently been refurbished, and we have added a large number of new and used books to our collection in the past year.

Mr. D Achola, 
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