Cavina’s science department encourages pupils to investigate the wonders of everything that is around them through hands-on experiments that stimulate intellectual curiosity. 

Our pupils are trained to develop the habit of asking the six w/h questions of ‘where, why, who, what, when and how’ and finding answers to them. Science is taught throughout the prep school and is split into biology, chemistry and physics as pupils move into the senior forms.

There is plenty of opportunity for science outside the classroom, too. Our annual Science Fair encourages pupils to pursue their own investigations into topics that impassion them.

It is an opportunity for pupils to predict, plan, record and interpret results aimed at proving their hypothesis right or wrong. As they investigate different phenomena and events around them, the pupils eventually create a bank of scientific vocabulary.

Increasingly, science at Cavina has also presented an opportunity for the pupils to think more widely about their social impact and to focus on sustainability. A passion for the environment is fostered from a young age.

Mrs Sheila Muasya
Head of Science
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